SuperGrizzly is an award-winning creative production company based in London.

Established in 2010, SuperGrizzly is a leading visual content creator,
working across live action, visual effects, animation, digital and branded content.
We work directly with brands, marketeers and media partners,
devising and supplying launch ready creative solutions
that deliver on their core commercial objectives.

Everything we make is festooned with loving care, attention and clarity of vision.
To quote the Cannonball Run, we believe that if you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly.
So each and every project we work on is realised to its fullest potential.



“We put SuperGrizzly through their paces in terms of our demands and they did an amazing job being both creative, delivering to budget and being thoroughly lovely and patient to work with throughout the process. We are really happy with the end result.”
Nisha Parti
Parti Productions


“Thanks Matt for literally finishing my film off.”
Armando Iannucci
Director, The Death of Stalin


“From the beginning I was delighted to work with Matt- the Supergrizzly. He shows great dedication completing his tasks with an amazing creative skill, and due to his extremely professional and responsible way of working, as well as his extraordinary powers of comprehension, he continuously produces results of the highest quality for us. Supergrizzly`s extraordinary dedication and enthusiasm can always be counted on to guarantee the success of the creative projects under his directive.”
Guido Schulz
Senior Marketing Manager, The Disney Stores EMEA


“Whenever I’ve wanted someone with passion and professionalism, bubbling with ideas that can be delivered on time, within budget and exceeding expectations, I’ve always called Matt. For the last five years that I’ve known and worked with Matt, he’s been my secret provider of all my favoured work, and winner for us of a World Promax Silver. When you work with him, prepare to be dazzled.”
Lester Mordue
Creative Director, Disney Channels EMEA


“I’ve worked with Matt from Supergrizzly on several promo and short film projects, one of which was honoured with a Promax Gold. He consistently combines audacious ideas with the skill and determination to pull them off. Always willing to adjust to the client’s needs and maintaining a two-way flow of ideas and feedback throughout projects, right through to their prompt delivery. I’m hard pushed to think of a creative/director I’d rather work with.”
Tiana Gibbons
Creative Manager, Animal Planet