Promax 2010

One week to go and it’s all getting very exciting. I’ve been to five Promax conferences I think, but only ever as a delegate. So I’m very proud to be on the committee and properly involved this year.

For the last few months I’ve been putting together the first official PROMAX MINI SHORT FILM FESTIVAL with my good friends Tiana and Genevieve. I can’t wait to see the cinema seats and whole thing up and running. We’ve had some great entries and very much enjoyed watching them, so thank you to our contributors: Russell Appleford, Matthew
Corbett, Colette Flanagan,
Dan Heaver & Dan Saunders, Tony
Jopia, Steve Lewis,
Victoria Lynn, Calum Macdiarmid
and Sonja Phillips.

If you’re going to Promax, you’ll find the mini festival in The Great Halls, running all the time. Come and hang out and be inspired.

Supergrizzly will also be pitching at the Charity Challenge on Thursday 11th. I think I’m looking forward to it, but I do keep visualizing the Petey scene at band camp in American Pie 2.

And purely to complete a trinity of Supergrizzly Promax news, I’ve just found out we won a Gold Promax at Africa. It was for a September 11th promo we did for Discovery. This will be viewable in our Featured Work section soon.