Hesitant Evil

https://vimeo.com/791858871 Our latest intro video for QED (qedcon.org) a two-day science and skepticism convention. The zombies + anti-anti-vax sketch (entitled 'Hesitant Evil') pokes fun at the serious issues of false anti-vaccine rhetoric and Covid denial.


https://vimeo.com/791866784/b6b42dd367 A brand video to show what Pulselive do and how they do it, but more importantly to show to potential clients what working with Pulselive might be like.

Finger Music

https://vimeo.com/531689370 An explainer video for our friends at Finger Music about their curated library of previously composed commercial music.

Sound Travel

https://vimeo.com/763349949 An explainer video that we made for sound.travel. What they do is... well, the video kind of says it all.

The 355

https://vimeo.com/744729281 The titles for Simon Kinberg's 'The 355’ from Freckle Films and Universal Pictures starring Jessica Chastain, and Penelope Cruz, were created to complement the technological threat in the film and show digital disruption in a beautiful but unsettling way.© 355 Film Rights, LLC 2021

The Duke

https://vimeo.com/744730256 This title sequence treats Jim Broadbent's Kempton Bunton like the brilliant international art thief that police assumed he was. This feel of the heist movie in the form of multiple screens is a nod to the work of the great crime-caper titles maestro, Pablo Ferro (The Thomas Crown Affair, Bullitt) and is a regular feature in SuperGrizzly contributions throughout the film. The small/big & colourless/gold typography is a representation of the David & Goliath battles that Bunton was habitually drawn to. This is a heart-warming national...

Ten Percent

https://vimeo.com/744730824 The title sequence mirrors the frantic life of an agent with a hectic split-screen montage of London's West End and a flurry of animated, rejected, amended and sometimes destroyed contracts.© BRON Studios / Amazon / Sundance Now.

The Cursed (‘Eight for Silver’)

https://vimeo.com/744728785/d8375167d2 Our third title sequence collaboration with director Sean Ellis, for 'The Cursed’ (AKA 'Eight for Silver') was an expression of our mutual love affair with optical techniques employed in classic horror films such as 'The Thing’. The main title typography was designed to dominate the screen, whilst being off-centre to suggest that all is not well. Once designed, a partially translucent piece of vinyl cut artwork was made and shot using a Time Shift Box which allows the film to advance...

Mama’s Boy

https://vimeo.com/763923923 Mama’s Boy is a documentary about a mostly-paralysed, conservative Christian mother, and her relationship with her gay son, Lance Black, the Oscar winning writer of Milk. A central theme of the film is division within America as well as divisions within Lance’s own family. The title sequence sought to depict a clear division as we all as be evocative of the bridging of an emotional divide that for a while kept Lance and his mother apart before they are eventually unified by their love for one other. As well...