About us

Run by Creative Director Matthew White, SuperGrizzly is an award-winning creative production company and creative agency based in London. We work with filmmakers, media platforms and brands to design meaningful visual communication, with beauty and efficacy at the heart of all our thinking. Everything we create is made with fanatical attention to detail as well as clarity of vision. We believe that if you’re gonna be a bear, be a Grizzly – so every project we work on is the most important thing we’ve ever done.

“I had a great experience working with SuperGrizzly on the title sequence for Ten Percent. Matt came up with an idea which was completely original, packed with energy, fun, and wit, and absolutely perfect for the show. The same can be said for the creative discussions along the way: there was a distinctive combination of passion and perfectionism together with the experience which enabled us to pick a way through the inevitable executive complications without creative compromise. I can’t wait to repeat the experience.” – John Morton, Executive Producer, Ten Percent

“Matt at SuperGrizzly is the sort of collaborator creatives wish for but often struggle to find. He is hands down one of the most imaginative, dedicated and skilled artists I’ve ever worked with. He created a pitch deck for me for a US feature film, and I am certain he is a large part of the reason I got hired. He is that rare breed of designer who both brings a huge wealth of knowledge and ideas to the table and wants to work with what’s important to you, listening carefully to your ideas then realising them in a spectacular manner. He worked with such dedication, going above and beyond on every small detail, and produced a piece of work which many colleagues said was one of the best decks they’d ever seen. I intend never to do another pitch deck without him. I’d recommend him in a heartbeat, both for pitch decks and for titles. I recommended him for the Ten Percent titles job which he smashed out of the park.” – Jessica Swale, Director

“We put SuperGrizzly through their paces in terms of our demands and they did an amazing job being both creative, delivering to budget and being thoroughly lovely and patient to work with throughout the process. We are really happy with the end result.” – Nisha Parti, Parti Productions

“Thanks Matt for literally finishing my film off.” – Armando lannucci, Director, The Death of Stalin

“From the beginning I was delighted to work with Supergrizzly. Matt shows great dedication completing his tasks with an amazing creative skill, and due to his extremely professional and responsible way of working, as well as his extraordinary powers of comprehension, he continuously produces results of the highest quality for us. Matt’s extraordinary dedication and enthusiasm can always be counted on to guarantee the success of the creative projects under his directive.” – Guido Schulz, Senior Marketing Manager, The Disney Store EMEA